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Trust in an Experienced Personal Project Manager

Project-By-Project Help

Age in Place Services

  • Certified At Home Specialist
  • Conduct both function and safety assessments; evaluating what you want and need in your home
  • Prioritize what areas need work determined by the assessments
  • Create a floor plan and repurpose existing space to works better for you NOW and in the future.
  • Decide what will be donated, sold or discarded and executing your wishes
  • Explore and address home care maintenance concerns
  • Project manage home repair or upgrades
  • Reduce home safety concerns and eliminating common in-home hazards

Relocation Concierge Services

  • Certified Senior Move Manager
  • Work with the client to develop a customized plan
  • Coordinate all resources needed to complete the project (estate sale, hauling company, moving company, construction services, house cleaning services, etc.)
  • Manage the actual move to ensure every detail is complete
  • Facilitate the dissemination of unwanted items
  • Clean-out of the old residence according to a plan

Preparing a Home for the Arrival of Aging Parents

  • Help clear out and set up a dedicated space
  • Create a floor plan that meets everyone’s needs
  • Unpack and organize the new space

Home Sale Preparation

Experts say, on average, a homeowner can “whip” their home into selling shape in 30-days.  If, and only if they can stay motivated and work hard on it daily.  Most people cannot do that.  It is even harder for a senior who may be facing a disability or illness or a recent death of a spouse.

We develop a comprehensive plan based on the greatest return of investment and then ready the house accordingly.  This includes:

  • Decluttering, depersonalizing of the home if it is for sale
  • Deep cleaning
  • Making all necessary approved repairs (based on its intended marketing strategy)
  • and Staging

Our goal is to identify, fix and/or enhance elements of the home, which would increase the home’s marketability.

One of our greatest strengths is carrying the weight by managing the project and resources from start to finish.  Thus, relieving the client and you from this burden. 

Estate Transitioning

Experiencing a death in the family or transitioning elderly parents into a retirement community, nursing home, or even into an adult child’s home is an emotional and difficult endeavor. Let us help with the process.

  • Partial and/or complete move out cleaning
  • Work with the family, trustee, and/or attorney to develop a plan
  • Inventory belongings
  • Oversee pack-up and disbursement of belongings to family members
  • Facilitate the sale or donation of valuables
  • Oversee other service providers (estate sale, hauling company, real estate agent, moving company, construction services, house cleaning services, etc.)

Home and Office Organization and Decluttering

Organizational structure implemented through "right-size" systems and tested solutions!

Our job is to help put order back into our client's lives.

  • Conquer clutter!
  • Paper, records, and file management
  • Space planning, design, and staging

Our multifaceted approach is designed to minimize the chaos and stress when it comes to dealing with "stuff."

Homework:  for those who only needs guidance and advocacy

Side-by-Side:  for those who want to help in the process

Hands-Off:  we tackle the project on your behalf


Maintenance and Touch-Up Projects

We believe that in order to ensure success that will last a lifetime, we need to check in with clients every now and then. These check-ups will provide opportunities to re-evaluate the systems created and conduct any necessary tweaking and touch-ups.

As we age, our lives and needs change and we want the systems to change and grow with these changes. As with every other step of our process, we work to create a customized maintenance plan that is tailored perfectly to meet my client’s needs and resources.

Our Rates

The cost for all Central Coast Transitions LLC projects will be billed at an hourly rate of $80.00 per hour/per professional organizer and support staff; $95.00 per hour/per staff member for homes with hoarding conditions.

An after-hours’ fee of ninety dollars ($95.00) per hour will be charged for appointments with hours scheduled after 5:00 PM or on Saturdays. In addition, the Client will be billed for supply expenses, disposal fees, and a charge of $.65 per mile for jobs located outside the 25-mile radius from our office in lieu of travel time (savings to our clients).

Unless otherwise specified as a “complimentary consultation," time “on-the-clock” (billed in 15-minute intervals) includes phone consultations and coaching, project research, approved shopping, lengthy emails, instant messaging, or texting.

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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