Age-in-Place Home Assessment and Modification

Suffice to say, our lives are ever evolving. Throughout the aging process (that we all go through), one thing remains constant - our needs and expectations of our home change as we change. What worked for you in your thirties mostly likely will not work in your sixties or even eighties.

As one ages, our homes often become cluttered with “stuff,” compound that with the physical or medical challenges that growing older brings. Many older adults and their families find themselves with the daunting task to determine where one should live for the remainder of their lives.

Central Coast Transitions

Moving may not be the best decision for an older adult or aging family member for numerous reasons; the sheer amount of their “stuff,” their personal choice to stay in their current home, their financial considerations, or their current and/or future medical needs, etc.

Central Coast Transitions helps older adults adapt their home for who and where they are now! We provide guidance, project management, encouragement, and hands-on help.

We start by performing a comprehensive home assessment to provide an objective opinion of the home’s environment and the functional status of the older adult in their current home.

The customized assessment includes:

  • Define your vision based on evaluating what you want vs need in your home.
  • Identify and prioritize what areas of the home need work.
  • Create a floor plan that shows how your existing space should be repurposed so it works better for you NOW and in the future.
  • Help decide what should be donated, sold or discarded and execute your wishes
  • Determine your future needs by simplifying your lifestyle; i.e., daily used items must be in easy-to-access places.
  • Reduce home safety concerns and eliminate common in-home hazards
  • Explore and address home care maintenance concerns.
  • Project manage necessary and desired home repair or upgrades

Comprehensive Age-in-Place Assessments include a written report and family conference/feedback and are provided in the home of the older adult whether they live in a private residence, senior apartment or a skilled nursing facility.

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